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BESPOKE | Ask the Cell!


The decorative images used on our products are from the illustrators original artwork.


A wide range of products types are evolving , but we understand you may have a certain favourite which does not yet appear on a product within the SellCell shop so we have introduced a ‘Bespoke Service’ to enable Cell Members to suggest their favourite resident artist image on their preferred product.

It is possible to request a *Bespoke decorated product. Most products seen within SellCell can be decorated with a selected, unique image from our resident creative illustrators.


If you cannot see a product to suit your tech or lifestyle, please ask.

The product ranges featured within SellCell are constantly evolving and growing. We aim to enable all Cell members to obtain the product they would like to own.


Majority of the products seen within SellCell are **hand finished and some produced as Limited runs.

**Please note all items are hand finished with specialist process technology and not mass manufactured. Some finished items may have the tiniest differences to items showcased in the shop. All items are carefully checked and 100% ‘Cell Certified’ before shipping.

The illustration colours are true to the original illustrations but may differ slightly when viewed on your monitor or screen.



Have we got the case for YOU?

Do you have a smartphone, phablet or tablet but you cannot find your specific case?…………… please do not worry, most things are possible!

If you cannot see your technology case or product in the SellCell ‘Stuff’ shop, then please contact the ‘SellCell’ team via the Create Contact form to ask us to consider stocking the item. Your suggestion may also be of interest to other Cell Members.

As a Cell member, including your name /username, simply contact SellCell via the ‘Create Contact Form’ and let us know what you would like, placing the word ‘Bespoke’ followed by the specific detail of the product or smartphone type clearly in the subject box. E.g ‘Bespoke – iPhone 6 Case Request’ or use a product description as a reference from the chosen item within our shop.

Explain fully within the description section of the contact form the product you would like decorating and confirm which image you would like on the product.

*Bespoke: We like to sort them out straight the way for you and often within 2 days from receipt of your order; some items may take 7-10 days to prepare and originate, from receipt of payment, but often we will aim to supply quicker if possible.

If you need the item urgently, then please use the Create contact form located in Cell Contact and we will advise the fee to *Fast track your item.


(*subject to material / item availability).  If you would like to request a certain illustration on an item, the bespoke service carries a creative set-up fee of an additional £POA per product type.




Payment for Bespoke Items. Once the ‘Create’ request  has been sent to ‘Team Cell’ via the cell contact form and the requirements have been agreed with the Cell Member, the cost of the *Bespoke service payment for the amount will be sent to your email.


Please note that payment for the *Bespoke service , including the product and the delivery must be made in full, prior to commencement of production.


Payment can be made by using PayPal or direct bank transfer.


In the case of direct bank payment the SellCell bank transfer details will be supplied via email to the person requesting the specialist service.


Note : Bespoke items can only be supplied decorated with imagery from resident ‘SellCell’ illustrator/artists.


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