iPhone 5c ‘Dudes’ | Clear Case.

£19.00 incl.VAT

You’ve chosen your 5c and selected your preferred colour.

The beauty of these cases are they have clear sides enabling your iPhone 5C colour to show through.


The slender profile fits securely around you 5C providing a great protective cover.

This case has a strong image area to the rear whilst allowing the colour of your iPhone 5c to be visible around the edge.

Case measures: 61mm wide x 10mm x 126mm.

Clear Polycarbonate  clip on case. Examples of the illustration selection:


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iPhone 5c:   Hard Clear Polycarbonate Clip-on Case has black highlight details to the back and clear sides.

Graphic panel measures: 54mm x 118mm



The clear tough material enables your 5C feature *colour to shine through.


*Green 5C (section) indicates the clarity of colour through the case.

Additional information

Weight 0.038 kg
Dimensions 12.6 × 6 × 1.2 cm


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