iPhone 4 / 4s | Stines ‘Defender Style’ Case

£14.00 incl.VAT

Tough Protection for Your iPhone Tech.

Two cases fit into one.

Case measures: 65mm wide x 16mm x 120mm.

Two part rubber internal case and hard black outer case.

Raised front perimeter lip on internal rubber case is raised to protect screen face.

iPhone 4-4s - Defender Style - STINE2


Main product image refers to the product for sale.

Each illustration option is supported with generic images of the ‘Blue Skull Guts’ option to illustrate the assembly of the two part nature of this protective case.

iPhone 4s shown in images is Not Included.

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iPhone 4 / 4s ‘Defender Style’ Case. New iPhone covers comprising two parts. An internal black rubber ‘honeycomb’ structured sleeve which providing some ‘shock and bump protection’ covers the entire iPhone back and sides which then fits into a stylish black plastic outer. The rubber interior section houses the phone;  has smooth contours and  is slightly raised proud at the front ensuring the safety of the screen if the iPhone 4 / 4s is placed face down. Graphic panel measures: 60mm x 115mm

iPhone 4-4s - Defender Style - STINE2

Additional information

Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 8.6 × 1.6 cm


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