Circular ‘Red Skull Guts’ x4 Coasters (Cork Backed)

£24.00 incl.VAT

Natural Cork Backed Coaster.

95.2 mm Diameter.

Ideal for home, office tables and worktops.

High Gloss / Quality Durable Finish.

Stunning Intense Colour Illustration

skull-gutsRr x-rnd-cb-coaster-4set-redskullguts

Available as singles:


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Sam Taylors ‘Red Skull Guts’ creation decorates this high gloss drinks coaster set of 4 to protect your furnishings.


Ideal for home, studio, office, work. 95.2 mm circular with unique design.  The colour render is intense and deep with quality durable gloss materials and natural cork backing.

Additional information

Weight 0.096 kg
Dimensions 9.52 × 9.52 × 1.6 cm


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