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Items are in stock but they are regularly produced bespoke to order.

The product ranges featured within SellCell are constantly evolving and expanding, so if you cannot see a product to suit your tech model or lifestyle, please ask.

We aim to enable Cell members to obtain the product they would like to own.

A number of products seen within SellCell are produced as Limited runs.

It is possible to request a *Bespoke decorated product.

Most products seen within SellCell can be decorated with a nominated unique image from our resident creative illustrators.

If you have a smartphone, phablet or tablet but you cannot find your specific case, do not worry,…most things are possible!

Simply contact the CellSupport  team via the drop down heading ‘Cell Contact’ and let us know what you would like.

Use the ‘Create’ form and place the word ‘Bespoke’ followed by the specific detail of the product or smartphone type clearly in the subject box.

Please explain fully within the description section of the contact form what you would like and explain which image you would like on the product.


*Bespoke items could take approx. 10-20 days to supply, from receipt of payment.


If the product image option does not exist within the SellCell shop and you are looking for something more specific to your taste, a special can be arranged which involves creative set up with an associated additional fee , plus the  cost of the product type you choose for offering a bespoke.


In addition if you would like a product decorated but you cannot see your technology case or product item within the SellCell ‘Stuff’ shop, then please mention the suggestion and request the SellCell team to stock your decorated item.

Payment for Bespoke Items.

Once the ‘Create’ email has been sent to ‘Team Cell’, and the decoration requirements have been agreed; the payment amount for the item and Bespoke service will be sent to your email.

 Payment for the bespoke service must be made in full, prior to the commencement of production.


Payment can be made using PayPal or via a direct bank transfer.

In the case of direct bank payment, the SellCell bank transfer details will be supplied via email to the customer.


*Bespoke items can only be supplied decorated with imagery from resident ‘SellCell’ illustrator/artists.

**Note: Please allow 10-20 days from payment at check out. The design you have chosen should be in stock but all items are bespoke and hand produced so whilst we are excited for you to get your uniquely decorated product and would ideally like to ship them to you next day, sometimes the designs run low and there may be a few days to wait as others may have ordered before you.

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